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Started in 2021 by 4 Fintech entrepreneurs, Duckrocket aims at being the first cryptocurrency project focused on the creation of an “Educational Ecosystem” on the XRP Ledger.

We at Duckrocket plan to teach young adults about cryptocurrencies through the creation of our native app utilizing educational material for learning purposes. Our future generations will learn how to properly manage their digital assets on the XRP Ledger.


Latest Technology

Specialized application running on state of the art blockchain technology

Friendly UX

User friendly UX sustained by award winning professional team and customer service


Educational solutions linked with revolutionary blockchain technology that does not include complicated technical knowhow procedures.

Easy to Learn

An educational and entertaining platform that makes learning easy and fun.

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How to Find $DUCK

Setup XUMM Wallet

  1. Set Up your Xumm account (http://xumm.app/)
  2. Send 10 XRP to your Xumm Wallet Address to activate it. 
  3. Once the XRP has been deducted you can use the account. 
  4. Connect the trustline through the QR Code provided in the next section. 

Trade with $DUCK on XRPL

To ensure our ducklings can trade $DUCK

  1. Fill your Xumm’s Wallet with XRP
  2. We already created a custom pair of $DUCK on Sologenic Dex
  3. Simply input how much you want to buy or sell with the XRP pair
  4. Trade safely ducklings!

Trade with $DUCK on Bitrue

  1. Sign into your Bitrue account
  2. Click on USDT pairs on the exchange and search “DUCK”
  3. Make sure you have USDT in your Bitrue Account before placing you order
  4. Trade safely ducklings!

Present And Future Events

Past Events

Duck Christmas Event

Airdrop and 2nd Token Burn

1st Token Burn

October 31st

Bitrue Listing!

Airdrop and 2nd Token Burn

NftRiddler Collab Christmas Nft

October 31st

Merchandise (Coming soon)

Our App

How to Find $DUCK

Our Roadmap

Q4 2021

1. Setup Legal entity
2. Listing on Bitrue

Q1 2022

1. Marketing oversight
2. Crypto events (NFTs, Token burns)

Q2 2022
Setup Server

1. Release BETA version of mobile app
2. Setup Server and IT Security

Q3 2022

1. Develop a more in-depth curriculum
2. Create Duckrocket Games.
3. Partnership with educational Institutions

Q4 2022
Launch 🚀

1. Release the final version of the application.
2. Establish bridges between the Duckrocket ecosystem and educational Institutions.

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